Funding models

The approaches available from a funding point of view have been identified by Stephen Downes as :

  • Endowment Model: on this model, the project obtains base funding for content creation and dissemination.
  • Membership Model: on this model, a coalition of interested organizations is invited to contribute a certain sum, either as seed only or as an annual contribution or subscription.
  • Donation Model: public fund cost of creation and dissemination of resources.
  • Conversion Model: In this model, you give something away for free and then convert the consumer of the freebie to a paying customer.
  • Contributor Model: in this model, contributors pay for the cost of maintaining the contribution, and where the provider thereafter makes the contribution available for free.
  • Sponsorship Model: in this model, the cost of content creation and dissemination are supported by sponsors in return for advertising space/promotion.
  • Institutional Model: educational institution pays for content creation and dissemination as part of its mission/mandate.
  • Government Model: similar to the institutional model, where the content creation and dissemination of resources relevant to governmental aims and objectives are funded centrally by the state.

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